Favorite Baby Items: Newborn - 6 months

Today I'm sharing the first edition of our Favorite Baby Items: Newborn to 6-months. While I wrote this for my memory (and for reference one day in the future), perhaps this guide could also help anyone out there looking for additional information or reviews on some of these products.

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1. Moby Wrap
I did not register for the Moby. A dear friend had given me her Baby Bjorn, so I figured I was covered. For the first 2 months of his life, Anthony would only nap on me. Back then, he was actually a decent night-time sleeper, so I had nerve to complain. But he never liked the Baby Bjorn. In order to get through the day with some sanity (and to make lunch and pee when I needed to), we purchased the Moby. Anthony LOVED it. He would sleep so soundly, and when he wasn’t sleeping, would look around or look up at me. I can’t recommend this item enough.

2. Dria Cover
Again, an item I didn’t register for. I wasn’t a fan of any nursing covers I had seen at the traditional stores, so I started searching around for others. I bought this right before I was induced, and it came in the mail the day before I left for the hospital. This is the most amazing nursing cover! It’s light, cute and versatile. The neck was wide enough to peek down and make sure little A was still awake, but I always felt that I was well covered. To be honest, we still use this often (though not for nursing) - it is a wonderful item to keep in our diaper bag and use as a blanket when it's chilly. Oh, I can’t forget to mention how many times I used this as a car-seat cover. The opening at the top was perfect to rest on the handle, and the material is substantial enough that it can keep its shape while draped over the seat. Great item!

3. Tommee Tippee Bottles and Tommee Tippee Pacifiers
This is starting to become a theme - more items I didn’t register for! I had registered for Dr. Brown’s bottles, newborn starter kit. A and I struggled with breastfeeding early on. Maybe one day I will share that story, but for now, suffice it to say we supplemented with formula. Most of our problems stemmed from the instant gratification he would get from the bottle, and that he didn’t want to ‘work’ at nursing. I had read online that Tommee Tippee bottles had a slower flow, and therefore made the baby work a little harder for the milk. It may be coincidence, but the day after we transitioned to these bottles, A figured out how to nurse. We used Tommee Tippee until A was 3 months old, and if I have to use formula again in the future, I will not hesitate to use these bottles again.

4. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets and Aden & Anais Burp Cloths
These swaddle blankets & burp cloths are pretty much on everyone’s must have list, so I couldn’t leave them out. We love them. They are lightweight and big, easy to wash, and super cute. We still use these to this day at a cover up in A’s crib. The burp cloths are amazing, as well. Nothing absorbs baby spit-up like these do.!

5. Angelcare Monitor
We had both an Angelcare monitor & a video monitor. Angelcare came out with their “cool” version the month A was born, so I missed out on the opportunity to buy the movement/video monitor all-in-one. There are stories on Amazon as to how this monitor has saved countless lives, and I don’t doubt it. I know many people who thought this monitor was being way too overprotective, and unnecessary. What I can tell you, is that I slept better knowing this was on. Yes, when the alarm goes off because the baby rolled off the senor, your heart will be in your throat. But the one time that it goes off because your baby is struggling to breathe, you will be thankful for it.  I’m considering using this until A is 18 - so it can notify me when he’s trying to sneak out of the house :)

6. Boppy
I never used the boppy for nursing; it just didn’t work for us. But, it did get a lot of use when A needed to 'hang out' while I was doing something else. I would lay a few blankets on the floor of the bathroom and use the boppy to prop him up while I showered, or on the living room floor when I gave him a bottle. It also came in handy when A was learning to sit up. I would wrap this around him on the living room rug, and I felt confident knowing he couldn’t fall backwards.

7. Swing
Here’s a confession: I thought I didn’t need a swing. I actually thought my baby wouldn’t need to be rocked, and her or she would fall asleep in the crib without a problem. When A was 6 weeks old, and I was telling a friend that he would only nap on me in the Moby. She promptly took him from me, put him in her swing, and he fell asleep. Long story short, we left her house with that swing (she had another for her daughter), and never looked back. A took naps in his swing until he was 7 months old. I'm pretty sure that breaks every sleep-book rule ever written, but we had pretty much tried everything. And when I put him in his crib for his first nap at 7 months, he was just fine.

8. Gap Jammies
In his first 2 months, A basically lived in pajamas (so did I!). Of all the 1-piece pajamas A had as a newborn, Gap jammies were my favorites. They washed well, were true to size and looked adorable. I also felt that because of the size ranges (3-6 months, as opposed to just 3 months), we were able to use them for a longer period of time.

9. Graco Jumper
If you know our family at all, you know that this item was by far and away A's most favorite item. He spent many hours jumping and laughing (and eventually running and swinging) in this jumper. It was the perfect spot to put him while we got ready in the mornings, or ate dinner, or a quick distraction when he was fussy. Love love love!

10. Baby Bjorn Travel Crib
I cannot say enough good things about this travel crib. I recommend it to everyone who is registering, and even a few friends who waited to buy a travel crib until after their baby (or babies!) were born. The Amazon reviews don't lie: this can be set up in a matter of minutes, and disassembled just fast. It is lightweight and durable, and is maybe our most used baby item. Beginning at 6 months, we also used this as a 'playpen' in our living room. While A was mobile, but not yet walking, this was the perfect place for him to spend some quiet time playing. There is one  disadvantage, which I had read on Amazon (but didn't believe): I trip over it all the time. So does my husband. The design of the crib means that the bottom is slightly larger than the top. Many people had said this in the reviews, and I really thought to myself "are these people kidding me? just watch where you are walking!". But they were all honest reviews, and I have to say, its true. It is certainly not a big enough problem to not use it, but just something of mention.

Some items not pictured, that were also favorites of ours:

• Lovies: A had a soft blue lovie that he adored. While I promised myself my child would never have an "attachment' item, using a lovie helped A understand when it was time to sleep. And who doesn't love a little baby snuggling up to a lovie?

Baby Orajel Naturals: this was a godsend starting at 5 months. It would instantly ease A's teething pain, and I loved that it used clove oil as a natural ingredient. Will definitely have this on-hand for our next baby, instead of making my hubby run out to the store at 11pm!

• Books: We love to read! Some of our favorites during A's first 6 months were: You Are My, I Love You; The Circus Ship; Llama Llama Red Pajama, and Little Blue Truck. Books became an early part of A's nighttime routine, and 15 months later, he loves to read!

• Camera: with over 5,000 pictures of A's first year, the camera is my favorite baby item. Documenting our life is a passion of mine, and while a DSLR camera is not a necessity, it is definitely a luxury that I love.

Thanks for reading! I'll be posting our Favorite Baby Items: 6-12 Months soon!

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