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I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a wonderful weekend at our nephew's baptism. Such a special day for little B! The ride home however, was a different story. Here is our reminder for next year: take note of what day NASCAR is at the Pocono Raceway... and don't try to drive past it an hour after the race has ended!

Moving on...

Today I'm sharing the inspiration for my parents' gallery wall, and some gifts I've given them to get started.

My love of photography has been passed down from my mother: she has always loved having pictures around the house and albums out on display, to share with family & guests. When my parents purchased their new home pre-construction, my mom had her long hallway already picked out, ready for a gallery wall. They've asked me to help design it with them, and seeing as they are quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of their move in date, what better time to start then now?

I've strategically been giving them "gallery wall" gifts over the last year, knowing they wanted some non-photography items to balance out the wall.

The first gift was an illustration of their old home - my childhood home - from the talented Kelly at High Street Market. Kelly did an amazing job bringing my vision to reality. This is one of my favorite gifts!


The next gift was a vintage map of a town that holds special meaning to all of us. This image is taken from  OldTownMaps on eBay. 


Both the illustration and town map will be framed in this frame from The Rusty Roof. Their frames are amazing quality, and are all handmade.


Recently, my mom has been suggesting that we use different frames, rather than the same frame throughout. While I was hesitant to agree with her, after seeing some of these images on Pinterest (which my mom does not belong to!), I have to say she was onto something. Always trendy while still being classic.

Source: repinly.com via Jillian on Pinterest

I am so excited to be working on this project with my parents! We are headed out this weekend to some of my favorite antique & thrift shops to try and find some great old frames. And I may also be looking for a dresser for our bathroom vanity. Maybe.

Happy Monday!

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  1. My mom did the wall of their staircase just like the 1st picture. She used baby pictures and wedding photos of our families, its really neat. I LOVE the gifts you found, so special!


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