Antique Shopping Finds

The gallery wall wasn't the only thing we were shopping for last weekend! I was on the hunt for the perfect dresser for our bathroom renovation. I didn't find it... but, I did find some other great things. Not all of these items came home with me (but I wish they did)!

Great coffee table for $100. How amazing would this be painted in some Annie Sloan chalk paint?

This pine cupboard was $250. Would be amazing as kitchen storage, or as linen storage in a bathroom. I spent most of our time walking around thinking about where I could possibly fit this in my house. 

Almost every store we stopped in had old ladders flanking the walls. This one was my favorite! It was a great grey-blue, and was easily over 8 feet tall.

This child's play table and matching chairs were only $50! Would be perfect for a playroom, refinished in red with a chalkboard top (like Lyndsey did here!).

And lastly, this mirror was a steal at $40. I actually had to kill a spider to get to it, which meant that I really, really liked it. This picture doesn't give justice to it's height or quality. I can assure you that this was one of the heaviest mirrors I have ever seen!

I'll be sharing what we did with the mirror next week, so make sure to check back for that update!


  1. omg - these pieces are all AWESOME! My mom and I might need to come visit you - what great finds!

    1. Thanks Jessa! YES! Come visit! And when we're all done shopping, there's a perfect little lunch place smack in the middle of the village! :)

  2. Such great pieces!
    I can't wait to se what you did with the mirror.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I wish I had space for them all :)


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