My Birthday

Today was my birthday, and while I'd love to say it was some extraordinary day... really, it was just an average day. I'm not complaining... ordinary days are my favorite. I took the day off to spend it with my little guy, and we had lunch with Daddy after a little visit to our new preschool. My little guy decided he was WAY too excited about momma's birthday to take a nap, so he pushed my buttons all afternoon, and then C and I left for parent's night at school. But I spent the day with the people I love, and that's all that truly matters.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this post last night... but yesterday, A gave me the BEST birthday gift, ever.

He said, "momma? love youuuu", for the first time.

I'm pretty sure he was asking for a "tookie" (cookie), but STILL. He told me he loved me.

If you've been reading for a while, you will know A's speech is something we've struggled with. I'm proud to say he's grown leaps and bounds in the last few months, and basically never (ever) stops talking. To hear him put together 2, and 3-word phrases, honestly brings tears to my eyes.

And to hear him say he LOVES me?! I cannot put it into words.

Here's to my last birthday as the momma of one!


Five on Friday: Waiting on Fall

Linking up with the ladies from A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and The Good Life Blog for another 5 on Friday! Today I'm sharing all the little things I'm loving (& buying) to get ready for fall!


I've been a little obsessed with holiday jammies lately (for A, not for me!).  Here are a few Halloween jammies I've purchased in the last week... and I may or may not have also purchased 3 sets of winter/Christmas jammies, too!

And if you are looking for some more adorable jammies for your little, check out my dear friend Emily's post!


These two plug-ins found their way into my basket at Yankee Candle. I think the little owl will find a home in our kitchen, and the jack-o-latern in our bathroom. And of course I had to add a few fall scents too ;)


Fall beers are my favorite. Just ask my husband. I wait all year for all the pumpkin & harvest beers to be released. While I won't be enjoying these this year, you better believe I'll be stocking up on some to keep in our spare fridge until January. Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat is on the top of my list!


This adorable wreath is going to be my next DIY. I made a similar one a few years ago, but I like the idea of the larger pine cones for the front door. Add that ribbon is the perfect golden yellow for fall.


I love how simple & sweet this saying is. The chalkboard in our dining room has been blank for some time, so I this weekend I'll be adding my own "eat, drink & give thanks".

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Our Guest Room (and the beginning of The Nursery Chronicles)

The only room I've never shared on the blog is our guest room. Aside from paint, molding and new closet doors, this room has been pretty much looked exactly like this for the last 3 years.

For a long time, this room also served as my office. My father-in-law built me the desk (above), and we installed a a shelf to hold supplies for Bella Carta. Last year when it became apparent I'd need a little more room to work, we decided to make a new workspace in our playroom.

The rest of this stuff? That's what we're cleaning out. This little room will soon become the twins' nursery.

Oh yeah, this room is teeny. 10x9.5' to be exact....
And it needs to fit not one, but two babies.

For a long time I thought we'd move A in here, and make his room the new nursery. But after some more thought, I think it makes more sense for A to have the bigger room. For one, we've worked really really hard to get him to sleep through the night, and I'm not really sure I'm ready to risk changing that for the sake of the nursery. Also, A actually plays in his room... which means that once I move the big IKEA chair out, there will be room for some more of his toys...

from the living room...

Because we also need to make room down there for some baby paraphernalia. You know, swings, bouncers, etc.

Moral of the story? Lots of cleaning out & moving around is happening around here. I have some ideas of how to make this room work with two cribs, and a plan for the rest of the changes we need to make (to prepare for the craziness that will ensue in January).

Hope to share some progress, soon!

Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Five on Friday: Birthday Edition

August is birthday month, so I'm sharing my birthday wish list. Subtle, right?

Linking up with A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and The Good Life Blog for another 5 on Friday!


How perfect is this cardigan for fall? Since I'm already feeling so big, I have a feeling that leggings and some cozy cardigans are going to be my work-from-home and weekend staple.


I've been coveting a pair of Kendra Scott earrings for so long now, that I can't believe I don't own a pair. Every time I get an email for 15% off, I say to myself, "today is the day!" ... I think these would be perfect to dress up or dress down, and would add a little fun to my everyday "work" uniform.


The Naked 2 Palette. In keeping with my new year's resolution, I really want to learn how to apply eye makeup. Properly. With so many wonderful reviews, this seems like the perfect shadow collection to experiment with.


I think it's finally time to say goodbye to my iPhone. Nothing seems to work, especially since it has a mind of its own and decides to shut off for 20-30 minutes for no reason (with a full battery). Love this case for the new iPhone 5! If I could just figure out a way to get all 3,000 pictures onto my computer...



I pinned this vest today, and I was so excited... until I realized it was for crewcuts! Do you think I can just order the biggest size and call it a day? Maybe I'd fit in it after the twins were born.... maybe. So cute though, right?

In all seriousness, finding out about our two little angels on the way (and hearing they are healthy), was the best birthday gift I could have received. Can't wait to love on them, and make A a big brother!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! The Mr. and I are sneaking away for a date night when his parents come to visit, and I am so SO excited. C is looking forward to the amazing wine list... and me? Stuffing my face without bribing anyone to have "one more bite"!


Maine Vacation Pictures {Finally!}

Some (very) long-overdue vacation pictures! It's taken me 3+ weeks to get these off my camera... oops!

It's a little insane how many pictures I take on vacation, so I tried to keep these to my very favorites.

blowing kisses to the seagulls

he's laughing so hard he's screaming - he thought the waves were hysterical

maybe one of my favorite pictures of the week - A, and his little cousin, B

my 8-week babies bump

9 weeks


Five on Friday

Helllllo Friday! I'm so happy you're here!

First and foremost, thank you all so much for all the messages and well wishes about our big news! We were completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of love & congratulations. We're so excited for this next chapter in our lives, as crazy as it may be!

So now that our secret is out, I'm sharing five baby & pregnancy items that I'm loving (or lusting after) lately!

Linking up with Darci & friends for another installment of Five on Friday!


I never saw the need for a pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant with A, but now that I'm already as big as I was at 20 weeks, I see one of these in my future. And this one is super duper stylish, to boot.


My dear, dear friend (and mom to a 4.5 year-old AND 10-month old twin boys) was here for a night last week, and gifted me with her "bible" to twin pregnancy. I cannot remember their exact weights at birth, but both of her boys weighed well over 7 pounds when she delivered at 37 weeks, and she swears by this book. I'm almost done, and have already learned so much about maternal nutrition and all the things I need to be doing to keep these babies in as long as possible.


These Loft jeans are from the end of my first pregnancy, but have made an early appearance with this pregnancy. While I can still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with a belly band, some days its nice to have a break from them. And now that I had to go on the site to find a picture, I see these are 60% off. Hello, second pair!


Stripes are my weakness. That is all.


This pictures pretty much make my heart melt.