Our Guest Room (and the beginning of The Nursery Chronicles)

The only room I've never shared on the blog is our guest room. Aside from paint, molding and new closet doors, this room has been pretty much looked exactly like this for the last 3 years.

For a long time, this room also served as my office. My father-in-law built me the desk (above), and we installed a a shelf to hold supplies for Bella Carta. Last year when it became apparent I'd need a little more room to work, we decided to make a new workspace in our playroom.

The rest of this stuff? That's what we're cleaning out. This little room will soon become the twins' nursery.

Oh yeah, this room is teeny. 10x9.5' to be exact....
And it needs to fit not one, but two babies.

For a long time I thought we'd move A in here, and make his room the new nursery. But after some more thought, I think it makes more sense for A to have the bigger room. For one, we've worked really really hard to get him to sleep through the night, and I'm not really sure I'm ready to risk changing that for the sake of the nursery. Also, A actually plays in his room... which means that once I move the big IKEA chair out, there will be room for some more of his toys...

from the living room...

Because we also need to make room down there for some baby paraphernalia. You know, swings, bouncers, etc.

Moral of the story? Lots of cleaning out & moving around is happening around here. I have some ideas of how to make this room work with two cribs, and a plan for the rest of the changes we need to make (to prepare for the craziness that will ensue in January).

Hope to share some progress, soon!

Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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