{Project Playroom} Even More Progress

The playroom is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house. Each time we make an update, it gets a little more personality and function. If you've been following along since the beginning, you already know that this room needs to work super hard for us: it's a play space, a guest room, and my new office.

Here's how the space is looking now...
(please note I had just gone on a huge toy purge and put a lot of the baby toys in the attic... and wiped down the chalkboard... the room looked like this for about 10 minutes until A woke up from his nap!)


I recently changed out the bedding for this adorable black & white polka dot sheet from Target. The old comforter was always a mess, and was hiding the pallet day-bed that C made a few years ago. Now that we have just a sheet on there, the room seems so much more open (and of course, it made way for more matchbox cars!)

The art wall is still a big hit, and gets used almost every day. I think what A loves most about this wall is that there are 'no rules' - he can draw anywhere, and pretty much do anything. Hey - that's important when you're 2!

The stairway art was C's birthday gift back in February. I had secretly stolen his collection of tickets (sporting events & concerts) that he had been collecting since his toddler years, and made them into collages. We also added C's grandfather's fire helmet to the room, which is a deeply sentimental item for my husband, and something he looks forward to sharing with A as he gets older.

I haven't made much progress in the toy area, other then adding another basket on the bottom. Still looking for the perfect sized baskets for the second shelf that will withstand my wild child, and won't damage the shelves from being pulled on & off everyday.

Here was my 'wish list' when we started this room back in January...

find a new, plush (kid-friendly) rug
add an additional large basket for toy storage
• replace blue bins on 2nd shelf
• child proof TV with anti-tip brackets
create an art area (maybe a chalkboard & a rotating gallery for A's artwork)
add a gate at the top of the stairs
• find a way to keep toys organized, and easy-to-find

create/build a two-person desk in the dormer
add shelving for storage
make a functional/fun message station for reminders & invitations
find 2 desk chairs
• create a functional filing system for household paperwork

Guest Space:
• add wall-mounted sconces near the bed
update bedding
• add throw pillows along wall

add/make window treatments
• build a closet door for small storage space
• add a closet rod to small space for off-season jackets
add artwork to stairway

Still a bit more work to do, but we've made so much progress!

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