What's Not Working: Our Mail!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Doesn't this already feel like the longest week ever?!

Back today with another installment of What's Not Working!

Our mail pile seriously drives me crazy. One of my pet peeves is coming home to a messy house. and while the mail doesn't necessarily make my house messy... it definitely contributes to the clutter.

The biggest reason our mail always ended up here...

... was because this little "drop spot" to the right of the door couldn't hold  a week's worth of mail.

In an ideal world, I'd go through the mail everyday. But I don't, so it sits until I go through it on Saturday mornings while I drink my coffee. In order to get the mail off the entertainment center, this mail drop spot had to work harder.

As soon as I saw these baskets from World Market, I knew I had found my solution!

I ordered a small & medium with a free shipping code, and couldn't wait to get them up as soon as they arrived!

And here's what it looks like now...
 The top basket is for mail, and the bottom is for Otto's "stuff". Leashes, harnesses, etc.

Yes, that's a rogue dinosaur on the trunk. Just keeping it real.

I'm thinking of replacing the light with a wall-mount swing arm sconce. It would free up some space on the floor, and I'm always worried about it falling over on A when he plays with his cars.

We're already loving the change of having more space for the mail on the wall, and that in the last 2 weeks absolutely no mail has found its way to the entertainment center! Hooray for cheap & easy solutions to the things that bother us the most.


  1. I HATE mail clutter, it seriously makes me crazy! Great solution, love the baskets. Now I am brainstorming about where I could add them to our place!

  2. SO smart! Our mail is a monster too, always landing on the kitchen counter. We have these exact baskets for Hudson's books in his nursery. I might have to add them to our entry way too!

  3. I hate mail clutter too...errrr! This is a great idea BTW! Although I think we would probably never look through the mail if we had a basket for it. I put it on the kitchen counter and go through it each night. Most of it is junk anyway.

  4. I have those same baskets in my kitchen desk area for the kids' school stuff and love them! Yours look great!


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