A Few Dining Room Updates

Hi, friends! How is it Monday?! Hope you all had a great weekend! We definitely did. Even after a horrid Friday (because I decided to bring A to work with me... BAD idea).... but the weekend quickly turned around and ended up being great!

One of my very first "Home Tour" posts (almost a year ago) was about our dining room (part one & part two). In fact, our dining room was the first room we renovated in our home.

This spring when I started moving some things around, I decided to move the large mirror from the dining room into our bedroom. Leaving this big wall completely blank.

Then I started "shopping our house" and decided these big frames, previously in our bedroom and living room, would look great down there.


 And here's how the dining room looks now, with some "new" frames and pictures from A's 6 month photo shoot.

I think they fill the wall so much better than the mirror... and who doesn't want to see semi-nekkid baby pictures while they eat?!

I'd say this room is pretty much done - for now. I'm still thinking a big jute rug would look great under the table, and would help brighten up the space. This room is on our lowest level, and doesn't get a lot of light (and also tends to be pretty cold in the winter), so a big rug could solve both those problems.

I'll be sharing how we changed up the bedroom, soon! Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference.

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  1. Looks great with the frames Jillian! It does fill the wall nicely. I still have a ways to go in our dining room. If I could just stick to one room that would help :)


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