Introducing: The Wedding Collection

Today is the day! We will be at The Big Fake Wedding in Brooklyn tonight, debuting our newest wedding collection! I'm so excited to share these images from Amy Roth Photography with all of you.

The Shelburne Suite
(calligraphy by West Sheridan)

The Charleston Suite
(calligraphy by Sincerely Amy Calligraphy)

The Chatham Suite
(calligraphy by Sincerely Amy Calligraphy) 

 The Nantucket Suite
(calligraphy by West Sheridan)

 The Kennebunkport Suite
(calligraphy by West Sheridan)

I'll be sharing the inspiration behind each of the suites, soon, as well as the detail shots (which I just LOVE so much!). We will also be transferring our blog and website over to a new website platform this weekend, and will post a notice here of our new blog address!


Currently | 2.13.14

I've been struggling with finding time to blog lately. For the first time, I can candidly admit that I'm juggling too many things, and I've had a hard time prioritizing. And just when you think that you can't take on anything else, your Thursday throws you a curve ball and your left spinning your wheels trying to fix a very big problem.

So instead of stressing about not having time to write, I decided to share what's keeping me so busy these days. If you follow along on Instagram (@bellacartaboutique), you may already know some of this. And if you don't follow along on Instagram, you should! ;)

ONE // Luca & James turned 1 last week! Overnight, they went from babies to toddlers, and my momma heart could have burst. I spent a lot of time last week reminiscing about the days leading up to their birth, our time in the hospital, and those fleeting, crazy days when you return home. These boys completed our family, and I can't help but feel overwhelmingly blessed to call them mine.

TWO // We celebrated L&J's birthday in a big way last weekend with an appropriately-themed Big Top Birthday party. Of course, I saved the decor until the last minute, and was assembling banners and stickering favor bags until the wee hours of the morning. And, I secretly loved every second of it. The party was a blast and I can't wait to share more pictures soon! Also - stickering is not a real word, but I'm pretty sure it should be.

THREE // At the end of this month, I'll have the honor of participating as a vendor in the Big Fake Wedding, and I've been a crazy lady trying to get ready for it. A photoshoot next week with our very first wedding collection, a custom save-the-date suite for the actual event, and a slew of details to be ironed out. I'm one big ball of alllthefeelings: anxious, excited, nervous, delirious... I'll probably sleep for a week when it's over!

FOUR // Since the moment the ball dropped on New Year's Day, I've been dreading getting my business finances in order for our taxes. DREAD-ING. Not your normal, I'm really not looking forward to this, but a physical, gut-wrenching dread. Thankfully I used an accounting program this year, so I'm ahead of the game. But what you can't see? TWO BOXES of receipts I need to sort through & organize. One entire box is probably hospital bills from the twins' birth, but the rest are miscellaneous receipts that need to GO somewhere. This weekend, we hired a babysitter to play with the kids for three hours so that we can tackle the disaster of receipts. 

FIVE // I'm currently addicted to Scandal and Fixer Upper. Anyone else? When I have a lot of work to do, I move my laptop to the couch, make a big cup of coffee and watch my favorite shows while working on orders. I also end of falling asleep on the couch 5 out of 7 nights a week, but Otto is usually curled up right beside me! 

SIX // Last but not least, head over to my Instagram page to enter a super fun Valentine's Day Giveaway! A $450 gift card to Nordstrom is up for grabs! But hurry, the giveaway closes tonight at midnight.

Happy Weekend, friends!