Gallery Wall Project Update #2

Last weekend, my mom and I were able to sneak in some shopping for their gallery wall project. The intention for the gallery wall is a 'collected over time' feel, and what better place to shop for vintage frames than my favorite antique stores?

Here is the hallway to their master bedroom. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but this wall is just over 8 feet long, and over 9 feet tall. While we want to fill most of the wall at eye level, we also want to leave room to add more frames down the road.

To say the shopping trip was successful would be an understatement. We had so many frames to choose from, that we had to lay all of them out in each store and narrow down our choices. It may be hard to tell from this picture, but this was the arrangement we ended up with when we returned home.

One frame/picture is missing (in the lower left hand corner), but once my mom is able to find it, it will complete the gallery wall. Our next step is to bring all of the frames to Michaels, and have some custom mats made.

Our last purchase was this frame and canvas. This one will be used to create a chalkboard for the entry of their home. The sweet lady who wrapped up all of our items was so concerned about us damaging the canvas of this picture. I didn't have the heart to tell her that we wouldn't be using it!

Not all of the frames pictured above were second-hand: the black frame with the map was purchased new, as well as the two light grey frames. The street sign was a salvage find, but not from our trip last weekend. We spent roughly $200 for 7 of the frames for the gallery wall, and the giant frame for the chalkboard.

I'm so excited about bringing all of these frames to have mats made next weekend - you'd think they were going up in my house! I will say (from experience), that the easy part is over. The hardest part of a creating a gallery wall is choosing the pictures to feature! Have fun, Mom!

You can find the original post for this project here, including our inspiration photos!

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