{Home Tour Friday} - Laundry Room

When I started typing the title to this post, I felt a little ridiculous. Am I really about to show pictures of my laundry room? In blog-land?

The Virgo in me actually loves to see other laundry rooms - so many bloggers have created amazing spaces for laundry, ironing, folding, storage and cleaning. Our room isn't quite that big, but I am proud of the transformation!

You have already seen our dining room here; the bathroom/laundry room is directly off of that room. With a little boy and a dog in our house, this room get a lot of use.

As you can see, our washer & dryer are normally hidden by curtains. Closing those curtains allows me to hide the mess that normally sits on top of the washer & dryer

Here are some pictures from the bathroom/laundry room renovation. I'm not sure that I have a picture before we started demolition, but suffice it to say this bathroom was almost as bad as our full bathroom. While it would have made sense to do the larger bathroom first, renovating the half bathroom was all we could fit in the budget after we bought our home. You can see the a little bit of the original wall color, the original vanity and the two (very different) floor tiles the previous owners had chosen.

Because we were unable to use the engineered hardwoods on the riser for the toilet, we chose tumbled travertine. OK...chose would be the wrong word. This tile was left over from my parents home renovation, so we took it from them. It just so happened to be just what we were looking for!

The little door you see in the last picture is the entrance to our crawl space. We framed it out and painted it the same color as the new beadboard so that it didn't stick out quite as much. With some paint, new floors, tile, beadboard, and a pedestal sink... we had a brand new laundry room. I love how this room turned out!

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  1. Love your laundry room! You guys have done such a great job on your house!! Can't wait to see the next room!

    1. Thanks Emily! You are so sweet for always encouraging me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

  2. I'm stopping by for a visit from Kelly's Korner today.
    I love the re-do of your bathroom and laundry space.
    The wall paint color is wonderful!

    1. Thank you, thank you! We've used that wall color in 2 other rooms... it's our favorite!

  3. Wow, that is a H U G E improvement!!! I really like it, especially your 'step-up' toilet. Lucky your parents have good taste in tile too. Found your redo at Totally Overflowing.

    1. Thank you Lori! We lovingly refer to the 'step-up' as the throne :)

  4. Such a great update!!! Thanks for sharing Saturday at It's Overflowing party! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. XO, Aimee


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