August Done! List Update

I’ve made a little more progress on my August Done! List.

 Done! August To-Do List:
Clean out my personal email DONE!
Upload all iPhone pictures & videos to an online storage site DONE!
Backup all family pictures & videos to an online storage site
Create a warranty binder
• Finish and order one Blurb album

Family Pictures & Videos: I’ve finished uploading all of these to SmugMug. You can see my review of their site here.

Personal Email: This is done. Sort of.

Over the last few weeks I was able to get my email inbox down from 1800 messages to 60. I was so proud of myself. Once I finished, I vowed to keep up with my emails and not let them get out of hand again.

And then… I was looking for email I had sent to our family last year announcing the launch of our family blog. I typed “blog” in the search engine at the top… and it returned 2,000 results. WHAT?! My inbox is down to 60! That’s impossible.

After a few minutes of playing around in gmail, I found an ‘All Mail’ tab. Hidden below the rest of my folders. When I clicked on it, you will NOT believe what it said. The top of Gmail showed this:

31,000 emails?! Are you kidding me?

A quick google search led me to the problem. Maybe I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t know this:

When you delete message on your iPhone, Gmail actually archives them into your ‘All Mail’ folder. This is a default setting. It is very easy to change, but, you have to know to change it. So… for the last 18 months of being an iPhone user, I have never actually deleted an email. I've been saving them, for later, in a special folder. I realize the nice people at Gmail are trying to be helpful – in the instance you accidentally delete something and need it later.


For now, I’m claiming this item as done. My ‘inbox’ is down to 60, and important emails are stored away in folders. One day, when I’m not so mad at gmail, I will try and tackle my ridiculously large ‘All Mail’ folder.


  1. Hi--came to your blog through Blue-Eyed Bride....LOVE your "august to do list". I like how you broken down a list of "must do's" into a manageable list...I think I'll give that a try!!

    1. Hi! Thanks! It's been so much easier to tackle a do-to list with smaller goals :)


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