Our Family Albums through Blurb

Over the last two years, I've tried to turn my thousands of digital files into albums. I craved a physical representation of our memories; something I could pour over while sitting on the couch and share with A when he's old enough to sit for longer than 30 seconds.

My first album with Blurb was my wedding album (not pictured), and I was beyond thrilled with the final result. For Christmas that year, I made albums for each set of parents, and one for us. Blurb was amazing to work with, and helped me through all of my technical issues with uploading (on the day before Thanksgiving, no less!).

Last year I moved onto designing our 2009 and 2010 albums, completing them slowly over several months. This winter I moved onto 2011, my biggest project to-date. At 294 pages, this album was many many months in the making.

Here are some pictures of our 2011 family album:

I'm beyond thrilled with the final result, even if I did screw up the spine a bit. Gone is my OCD-dream of having 20 family albums lined up all neat & tidy in a row.

Blurb's print quality is amazing, as is their customer service. The biggest challenge was of course choosing which photos would make the album. In the end, I decided not to limit the pictures or the page count. I wanted to enjoy as many pictures as possible from 2011 - the year we became a family of 3 - every time I looked through these pages.

One more album and I'll be caught up! Wish me luck!

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  1. I love the idea of doing one for each year...I am always focused on each "topic" but have gotten so far behind that it makes sense to just move to do one per year!! Great idea!


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