Next Kitchen Project: Painting the Exterior Doors!

Next up on our project list: painting the inside of our exterior doors!

When I shared our kitchen updates on Monday, I had cropped out the door to our deck.
Why? Because its dirty, and is in desperate need of paint. It doesn't match the trim, and recently it occurred to me - why not paint it a fun color?!

I'm considering using Annie Sloan Chalk since I think it will sit well on he metal door, and comes in some great shades!

So here are our three options: 

1) Annie Sloan French Linen

2) Annie Sloan Graphite

3) Annie Sloan Paris Grey

So... what would you guys pick? I'd love for you to weigh in, especially since I'm going to buy the paint this weekend: :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love them all... but French Linen looks amazing! Xo

  2. So, because the Graphite matches your table and chairs I would say that's my favorite, but then again if they weren't there the French Linen looks fantastic too. I chagne my vote to French Linen!


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