Miscellany Monday

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We certainly did!

• Thank you for all your sweet comments & emails about A's party on Project Nursery! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the support and encouragement! We even made it to the top 4 "Rooms & Projects We Love This Week" feature! AHHH!

• Check out my guest post from Saturday over at The Good Life Blog! I shared some cute & affordable patio decor, that we'll certainly be referencing this summer as we update our outdoor space. And while you're there, check out all the other great posts in her Hello Sunshine! series.

• Have you seen the new IKEA commercial? The one where the mom can't leave the house until she updates her couch and her duvet? Hysterical. Probably because that's me!

• On Friday I mentioned I was going to paint our kitchen door this weekend. I ended up going with an ASCP color we had on hand (Paris Grey), but I'm not crazy about the final result. I'll be repainting it again this weekend!

• Yesterday we were able to spend time with some of our best friends. I hate that we live so far away, but love that when we see them, nothing ever changes.

• I am in desperate need of a new computer. I'm this close to purchasing one, but can't decide between a 13" or 15" screen. I have a 15" now, but would love a smaller computer since I bring my laptop on the train most days. Will I really the larger screen?

• A is kind of obsessed with showing his belly to everyone. I caught him doing this to our neighbor on Saturday! This kid kills me.

Have a wonderful week, friends!

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