Kitchen Updates + A Happy Place

I'm writing this from my happy place: sitting on the couch after the boys have gone to bed, with a big cup of tea and almost all the lights off. My puppy is snoring next to me, I'm sneering at the annoying couple on House Hunters, and if my computer wasn't about to burn a hole in my thighs, this would be a perfect end to the weekend.

Have a I mentioned I need a new computer?

The weather has not been cooperating for me to take pictures of the newly-painted kitchen door. But I'm sharing them anyway.

As a reminder, here was the kitchen after we repainted:

And in this post, I shared some of the color options for the door. I went with Paris Grey, mainly because I was chicken to paint the door a dark color, aaannnd because I was being lazy and already had it on hand. But, it wasn't the right color for the room. 

So during naptime on Mother's Day, I got a sudden rush of bravery and decided ASCP Graphite was the way to go. I love how it turned out (and C even likes it, too!). These pictures don't do justice as to how it changed the room.

Gah! I can't stand how terrible the wall color looks in this picture! Oh well, hopefully you can get an idea of the new color. If we have some sunshine this weekend I'll get some better pictures.

And now I'm keeping an eye out for a fun, colorful doormat and new kitchen rug.
Here are a few I'm considering:

from here

from here

from here
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. The door looks really great. I love that color and it's the perfect place for a little darkness in your decor! The 2nd Ballard designs rug is my favorite--it looks unique.

  2. Your door looks awesome! Great rug choices too - any of them would look great!


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