A Little Catch-Up & Family Pictures

We're home from our extended family vacation, and I can honestly say it was wonderful. The first 5 days were just me, C and A, and it was so nice to spend some quiet time alone. The next week we met up with C's family in a different part of Maine (where Craig vacationed as a child), and we had such a fun week. A loved being with his little cousin (whom he calls BB) and loved being spoiled by his grandparents & aunt and uncle. We even managed to sneak away for an adults-only dinner! ;)

I still have to download all of our pictures (a task I don't yet have the energy for) so that I can share them here. In case you were wondering, no... we didn't get that "perfect" family picture I was hoping for. I did, however, get some great pictures of A, and I'm so excited to share them. You can feel his joy in all of them: he was running and jumping and screaming on the beach, in all of his toddler-boy-glory. He had SO.MUCH.FUN, and I've poured through the pictures at least 3 times the last few days, just to see that smile on his face.

We were greeted at home with a package from our photographer, and the pictures he took back in June of our little family. LOVE them all. Seriously. He captured A's personality perfectly, something I feel is always missing from my pictures with him. Oh yeah, and there's some of Otto, too!

Here are some of our favorites!

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. Glad to hear y'all had such a fun time, and your family pictures turned out so great! I love the one of A and Otto about to drink out of the pool - ha! Can't wait to see all the beach pics!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures Jillian! Really love the black and white family pic!


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