Pinterest Dream Homes: Guest Post from Lyndsey

Well, well...

Here I am, a two weeks later.... after proclaiming "I'm Back!", I took another little bloggy break. Right now, we're enjoying each other, and the summer, and this little space has taken a back seat. Can I be honest? I'm totally OK with it.

So while we're off enjoying some family time this week, I have some of my favorite bloggers sharing their dream homes! I asked these ladies to share what their dream home would look like, inside and out, strictly from Pinterest. I'd love to take credit for the idea, but really my sweet friend Emily came up with it!

First up: Lyndsey from Life.Laughter.Love.Loflands!
I've been reading Lyndsey's blog since we were both pregnant with our boys - we had the same due date, and our little guys were born a few weeks apart. Ever since, it's been so fun to follow along and see our little guys hit milestones around the same time, and I am SO excited for Lyndsey to welcome her little girl this fall! Always incredibly sweet and funny, her blog is hands-down one of my favorites!


Hello! I'm Lyndsey from Life.Laughter.Love.Loflands, and I am super excited and honored to be guest posting on Jillian's blog today! And also super jealous that it's because she's on a fabulous vacation with her family. But mostly excited and honored :)

I absolutely loved the theme Jillian chose for us to blog about the second I read it! I used to love flipping through home decor magazines and drooling over the beautiful houses page after page. Now thanks to Pinterest, I can feed my addiction for free! I, along with the rest of the Pinterest community I'm sure, have a board dedicated to spaces I adore and would someday love to have in my dream home. Today I'd love to share just a few of my favorites with you!

My husband and I built our starter home a year into our marriage. We envisioned a cute little space to call our own and one day bring our baby (now babies!) home to. While I love our house and all the memories it holds, it certainly doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a "dream home." This is where the lovely and addicting Pinterest comes into play - my little space to tuck away all the images of what I envision our forever home would look like!


First off, my dream home would be a beautiful Arts & Craftsman style house oozing with character and charm all the while being fully updated with all the latest amenities. Only the best for my dream house! 

By the way, this style of house straight up doesn't exist in Texas. Like, I've never actually seen one in person. So there's that. But they are always the ones I hope the couple picks on House Hunters whenever I see them, so I'm pretty positive I would love one of my own! :)

I'm really into beams right now and would have to have them in the living room. I love all things white and bright, but dark wood beams just scream warm and cozy to me.

The living room would then open up to my dream kitchen. All white with an insane amount of natural light. 

Oh, and I might as well have a pantry that looks like this. And since it's my dream, I'll go ahead and pretend I would actually keep it this organized. 

Since our season of life right now pretty much revolves around our kiddo (and kiddo-to-be), I would need the most amazing playroom of all time. I'll take one of these please!

 And I've decided when the time comes to redo Liam's bathroom I would like to do a nautical theme.

Of course if he and Liesl end up sharing it will need some pink.

And last but not least, since it's summer in Texas, and I end up melting on a daily basis while trying to hide under our teeny tiny porch as Liam plays outside, a spacious and gorgeous outdoor space is a necessity. And our dogs wouldn't chew the legs or corners off any of the furniture, or sleep on it while we're gone and shed all over it, or jump up on it after they've been swimming in our equally amazing pool.  And our toddler wouldn't spill his applesauce on it, or wipe his Cheeto fingers across it, or set his popsicle down on it...nope, never!

You can check out my Home Pinterest board for more of my "dream home" ideas and inspiration! 

Thanks so much for having me Jillian! I hope you're enjoying soaking up these days with your boys while the rest of us sweat under our teeny tiny porches and silently hate you! Kidding! :)




Thanks Lyndsey! I have 2 more lovely ladies sharing their dream homes this week, so be sure to stop back!


  1. Lyndsey I love that porch! And I am a huge fan of craftsman style homes too, especially the interiors with the built-ins and wood detailing, like the exposed beams! Swoon!!!

  2. Thanks for having me Jillian! Hope you're having a blast with your fam!

  3. Love this dream home Lyndsey!!! We have craftsman style homes in our neighborhood in Houston, believe it or not. Of course, not this nice though! Really love the porch too and those beams in the living room, gorg!!!!!


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