Pinterest Challenge (Summer Edition) - Gift Wrap Organizer

Currently, I keep all of my wrapping supplies in a large plastic box under our guest-room bed. This needed to change for a few reasons: 1) it was always messy, and 2) at some point, I hope to turn our guest room into another nursery. Everything I keep in that room will eventually have to find another home.

Brooklyn Limestone was the first place I had seen a Gift Wrap Organizer. I loved how she used affordable products from IKEA, and kept the whole project clean & simple.

Better Homes and Gardens was my second find. I loved how many size options they had in the their version, so that there was space for everything (including ribbon).

Source: bhg.com via Tya on Pinterest

The only door I could use for this project was our linen closet, which lives in our upstairs hallway. Our linen closet door is opened multiple times a day, so I had to find a solution that kept all the supplies stationary, and did not need to hang over the top of the door.

Here were my requirements for my gift wrap organizer:
• less than $50
• less than 16" wide and 5' tall, and less than 5" deep
• had to attach to linen closet door
• space for all wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags and cards
• wrapping paper needs to be stationary (cannot swing when opening door)
• needs to look cute!

I spent most of Saturday looking for something that would work. My first stop was Target. I found two file boxes that were grey metal. They didn't meet the 'cute' requirement, but I figured I could spray paint them if they fit properly. I brought them home to make sure they fit, but they were too deep. Back to the drawing board!

After checking Marshalls, HomeGoods and Lowes, I finally stopped at TJ Maxx. My mom graciously stayed in the car with my sleeping baby so that I could check one last place. And there, I found two of these. $7.99 each. PERFECT!

Once I was home, I held them up inside the door, and they fit perfectly in the center panel. Here was my plan:
(please excuse the poor picture quality - this hallway is hard to photograph!)

It wasn't until Sunday during nap time, when I asked my husband to help me hang them, that we released there was a small problem. We couldn't drill holes in the center panel - it was not deep enough to accommodate a screw. Grrrrrr.

We quickly came up with a new plan, although it meant sacrificing my card storage at the top of the door. We would mount each basket in-between the center panels (thickest parts of the door).

Once they were in, I quickly loaded them up with all of my supplies and made some cute labels.

I'm so excited I can cross this project off my list. I do have to come up with a better storage solution for my cards, but for now, I'm very happy with how this project turned out!

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