Today I'm enjoying some sun and family time! In lieu of what I was going to post today, here are some pictures of my favorite puppy, Otto!

Craig surprised me with Otto on December 23, 2009. Best Christmas present, ever!

We almost lost Otto at 10 weeks old, from an allergic reaction to his distemper vaccine. He went into anaphylactic shock, and the vet had to use epinephrine to restart his heart. We've come to discover over the last 2.5 years, that Otto has an extremely sensitive immune system, and in addition to food allergies, also has a severe allergy to many vaccines.

Our vet literally saved his life, and holds a very special place in my heart. We see him more often then we see much our family, and the vet office is our second home. We don't even have to say who we are when we call anymore - all the sweet ladies who answer the phone, know our voices.

Our vet told us this week that he's leaving the practice. And I cried. Really, I did. He is moving too far for us to go visit him at his new practice, but assured us we could always call him on his cell phone. This guy loved Otto like he was his own dog, and I know he always had his best interest at heart. I'm sure Otto has a special place in his heart too, as I know with 100% certainty he never had to save the life of a 10 week old puppy before.

It is amazing to me how Otto came into our lives, and stole our heart from the very first day. I love him like a child, and he is such a huge part of our family. My heart melts when I see him with A - he loves him so very much.  I know they will grow up to be the best of friends, and that Otto will always be watching out for him.

We love you, Otto!


  1. Oh, Otto is soo cute!! I love the he loves A! I hope that our sweet puppy dog and Owen are great pals one day too!

    1. Thanks Emily! I'm sure they will be great friends!

  2. Aw, Otto is so adorable!!! It is amazing how much a part of our family our pets become. I'm so sorry your vet is moving, that sucks! My mom had to put down the family's 13 year old golden retriever last week, it has been devastating:( So sad to visit my parent's house and not see her water/food bowl out or her blanket that she slept on on the floor!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my children's book today! The blog world is such a great support system:) I've never heard of The Circus Ship (is that bad?!) but the illustrations definitely make me want to get it and read it. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm so sorry to hear about your family dog :( They really are such a huge part of the family! I'm sure you have wonderful memories of her!

      I think you'll love The Circus Ship, and Maura will too! Enjoy!


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