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I'm linking up with Becky from MrstoMama today, for the Bloggers 411!

Here are some random facts about me, or as Becky said: "things that any BFF should know!"

• My husband, Craig (I call him C on the blog), is my best friend. He is also an amazing dad, and my partner in crime. He agrees to every DIY project I come up with, regardless of how crazy it is. I love him more everyday, and look forward to the many many years we have together.

• Otto (our dog) is named after the mascot for Syracuse University (Otto the Orange). My husband and I have more future dog names than we do future kids' names. Ha!

• When I was pregnant, I was nervous I wouldn't love the baby as much as I love my dog. My son, Anthony, is now 15 months old. I love Otto with all my heart and always will, but can honestly say there is no love like a mother has for her child. 

• I love my parents more than words can say. I am so grateful that they decided to move closer to us, and offered to watch A during the day while we are at work.

• My confirmation name is ExupĂ©ry (from The Little Prince). I was trying to make a statement (I was 16), and to this day, I can still see the look on my parents face when they announced me in church. They knew ahead of time, but I'm pretty sure they thought I would change it before the day came.

• When my husband and I were married, I took my maiden name as my middle name. I'm proud that I can carry on our family name, and hope that one day my children will use my maiden name as a middle name for their kids.

• I started playing Ice Hockey when I was 7 (with the boys), and played all the way through college. Most people don't believe me when I say this (why would I make this up?), but I have the thighs to prove it.

• I love the smell of matches, new magazines and lilacs.

• The number one thing I craved my entire pregnancy was watermelon. I could seriously eat a whole one by myself, every two days.

• When I 'grow up', I want to buy a farmhouse in the country, with lots and lots of land. And then I want to rescue as many dogs as I can possibly afford, and spoil them rotten.

• I'm scared of the car-wash. I'm not necessarily scared of going through it, but the moments just before stress me out. I never know if my tires are in the right spot, and start to wonder what will happen if they aren't. And I don't know if I should stay in the car, or get out. I really don't remember the last time I brought my own car to the car wash!

• I'm a worst-case-scenario planner. When I lay in bed at night, I figure out what I would do if A) someone broke into the house, or B) if the house caught on fire. I think having a plan, and playing it over in my head, would help me stay level headed in the event something actually did happen. Just agree with me.

• I love thrifting and antiquing more than I should. I could 'just go look' every weekend, and be perfectly happy. I love thinking of all the history and stories contained in these pieces.

• I love consistency and schedules for my everyday routine, but in my home, I love to change things around. I could rearrange furniture, move photographs, or rotate accessories every weekend. I'm pretty sure it drives my husband crazy, but he can blame my parents. They wouldn't let me rearrange my room at home until I was 10, so now I'm making up for lost time!

• Last but not least, here a few pictures. Enjoy!
(Photos taken by the amazing Bryan Avigne Photography)


  1. Love your family pictures, such a beautiful family! My dream is to live in a farmhouse on lots of land too, preferably with a lake or pond, ha! Love getting to know all these fun facts about you! Ice hockey? Wow, that is awesome!

    1. Thanks Emily! Yes, pond or lake would be an added bonus. I'm sure the puppies would love that!

  2. Cute family picture! I totally understand the car wash thing! I worked at a gas station for a while and even though I had washed my car a hundred times there & watched other people do it, it still drives me crazy when I go!

    1. Thanks Sara! I think you're the only person to ever say that. Most people look at me like I'm crazy! =)


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