Mommy & Me + Pregnancy Update {34 Weeks)

Happy Monday!

This is one of my most recent favorite pictures...

Working from home the last few weeks has meant a little more flexibility in my schedule. And on this day (in a snowstorm), I drove A to preschool and let him sit up front while we were waiting in line. Love these little moments with him... not doing anything extraordinary, just singing Old McDonald (or, "Ol McDaniel" as he calls it) and talking about school. Love him to pieces.


How far along? 34 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: As of my last appointment, up 36 pounds. I have another appointment on Tuesday, so I'm sure it's more. I'm kind of over the weight gain at this point... I know it's what's best for the babies, but geez - that's a lot of weight to lose after they are born!

Maternity clothes? If I'm being totally honest, most of my maternity clothes no longer fit. I remember reading early in my pregnancy that twin moms should buy two sets of maternity clothes - one set for the first & second trimesters, and another (larger) set, for the third. I kind of laughed at that, but now understand why. Most of my maternity shirts are too short, and my leggings & pants are too tight. Since they could come any day, I refuse to buy any more clothing... and instead am doing laundry every.single.day. Poor C sees me in one of two outfits almost every day. Ha!

Stretch marks? Not yet!

Miss Anything?  Really just sleeping on my stomach. And maybe also missing doing anything with ease - sitting down, standing up, walking - normal, every day stuff.

Movement: Yes, but this has changed a lot in the last 10 weeks. Both boys are equally active, and have very distinct sleep & wake cycles. I can almost tell you to the hour when they'll wake up and start moving - its pretty crazy! All movement is now seen from the outside, which has made for some pretty interesting comments at the doctor's office, the hair dresser, etc

Food cravings: ICE! Water has to be ice cold for me to drink it, and I'm craving frozen fruit and vegetables. I know, it's weird (and yes, also a symptom of iron deficiency, which I'm now aware of thank you to my dear friend Melissa!). Also have cravings for clementines (we've gone through 5 crates in the last 3 weeks!) and Milano cookies.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Yes, I've gotten sick a few times now from silly things (lets just say having a potty-trained two-year-old who still needs to be wiped could put me over the edge), but, I know my triggers and try to avoid them at all costs.
I also never knew heartburn could be this bad - I've gone through more Tums in the last 10 weeks than I care to admit!
Have you started to show yet: See picture above ;)

Babies are: TWO BOYS! And yes, they have names. Coming home outfits have arrived, and their initials for above the cribs are complete. But we're still keeping them a secret until their birthday!

Belly Button in or out? Not really out, but just a strange shape that makes a little bulge in my shirt.

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Um.... maybe C should answer this. I'd say its 50/50.

Looking forward to: Meeting them! I cannot wait to see what they look like and have A meet them. He talks about the "tins" all the time, asking if they're coming today, and if he can give them a kiss. I cannot wait to see him be a big brother!

Babies Update: As of my 32 week U/S, Baby A was 4lbs 15oz, and Baby B was 4lbs 12oz. Now that we're two weeks past that, I fully expect that both are well over 5lbs each. Both are still head-down, so we're going to attempt a natural delivery (and by natural I do not mean without meds!), but my hospital requires that twin moms push in the OR, so that if something happens, I'm already prepped for a c-section. I've also reached the multiples "safe zone" - meaning they can come any day now

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