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There are weekends, like this one, when I wish time would slow down and I could soak it all in. We are caught in this mad-dash of getting ready for the holidays, getting our home ready for the twins, and trying to savor the last weekends we have as a family of three.

Our little guy is talking up a storm - literally. C and I look at each other at least 20 times a day, and say "Did you hear what he just said?! Where did he learn that??". Sunday morning, he called me into his room at 6:30 and wanted me to lay down with him. As soon as my head hit the pillow, he turned to look at me with his most-serious face and said ... "Momma? You and me-me, go store?".

Me: "The store? For what buddy?"
A: "A puppy"
Me: "A puppy?! We don't need a puppy, we have Otto!"
A: "Yeah, momma. A puppy! You and me-me, go store!"
Me: "Well if you want a puppy, maybe you should talk to your daddy about it"
A: (taking out his pretend cell-phone from his pretend pocket in his jammies) "Dadda? Hi!! Me-me and momma go store? Puppy? Yah? Otay!" "Momma, Dadda yeah puppy".

For the next half hour, I answered questions about if the sun was up, if the moon was out, if Emma and BB were sleeping, if Otto was playing and if the wee-ohhs (fire engines) were coming today. My little guy told me that my ears, hair and teeth were all pretty, and wanted to know where my earrings were. And then he counted my teeth (like the dentist had done to him the day before), and then asked with the most genuinely-concerned look: "Momma? Teeth otay? Teeth hurt? Good Momma, good". He cracks me up!

I cannot believe that it was exactly 6 months ago that I was in his 2-year check-up, struggling to come up with the barely-20 words he knew and could say without assistance. In 6 months, our little guy has completely blown us away, and I am so, SO proud of him. 

A has also recently become much more aware of the babies in my belly, and has been such a big help getting their room ready. He helped us paint, and helped put the cribs together this weekend. Of course, now that the cribs are up, all he wants to do is play in them ... a far cry from the child who never slept through the night when he was in the crib, and climbed out at 20 months.

He's been resting his hands on my belly lately, and telling me that he feels the babies kicking. My momma heart could explode when he kisses the babies, and tries to talk to them through my belly button. I'm so happy he's "getting" it, and seems excited. Of course that could all change when they actually arrive, but for now, I'm savoring his excitement about becoming a big brother.

A few weeks ago, we had family pictures taken. Our little guy was fighting a cold, and had fallen asleep in the car on the way to the park, so needless to say... he was not the easiest subject to photograph. Pictures of the two of us are rare these days... I wish there were more, but I'm often guilty of being behind the camera, and for making excuses when C tries to get me in the picture. I'm thrilled that this was one of the pictures we received back. Even if A has on his fake/I have snot dripping down my nose, smile ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. What a sweet moment with him in bed! I would just die! Cam said, "thank you momma'" (sort of, in how own way), and I almost lost it!!! Haha...I love that you are really spending time as a family of three before that number almost doubles! I am so, so excited for you! PS LOVE that picture of the two of you!!


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