A Little Life Update (and Mommy & Me)

Two weeks?! How did that happen?

Needless to say, life has been busy. Between life as mommy, work, Etsy and the house, little time is left for anything else. Well, there's a little time left... but I've been so exhausted lately, I've been falling asleep in A's bed while saying prayers and rubbing his back. Real life friends, real life.

Anyhow... here are some pictures of the fun things we've been up to lately!

C & I were able to sneak away for a weekend alone, to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We were celebrating our 4th anniversary and a little baby-moon before our boys arrive in a few months. It was also my very first night away from A. I know... 2.5 years and I had never spent a night away from him. But, we both survived. It was way harder on me than it was on him, by the way.

My 22-week bump? I think it was 22 weeks. I'm the worst at keeping track of my bump pictures. And yes, that vest is purposefully hiding the "realness" of my bump. Not sure I'm ready to share it all just yet.

We of course visited the pumpkin patch, or as A calls it, the "pumpin" patch. 

We started off Halloween "week" (yes, week) with a Trunk or Treat at A's school. He, of course, was a football player. A Syracuse University football player. He took the whole costume thing very seriously - tackling C whenever he got the chance, and having us act as his "fans" while he ran around the living room.

We also celebrated Otto's birthday, with some new toys and a serenade of "Happy To You" ... "Birthday" is an unnecessary word when you're two and a half.

We carved pumpkins, and made a huge mess. But that's what it's all about, right? No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Those are the twins underneath that shirt. And yes, my stomach was roughly the same size as the pumpkin we were carving.

Halloween Parade at Nursery School. Also know as, the craziest hour with children I've ever seen. These teachers deserve some serious credit for doing this every day!

Trick or Treated (for the very first time... thank you freak snowstorm of 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012) with our neighbors. A is IN LOVE with the little girl in the picture. She's 9. He totally doesn't care about their 6 year age difference.

And last but not least, we had lots of fun playing outside, in the leaves and enjoying the gorgeous fall weather. Our quiet weekends at home are my favorite.

I'll be back this week with a real pregnancy update, and maybe some more projects we've completed around the house.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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  1. You guys are too cute!!!! Love these pics. :)


  2. You look fabulous! I can't believe you're already 22 weeks!

  3. He is SOOOOO cute! And you look amazing!!!

    PS Love his Maine sweatshirt ;)

  4. Gosh you have the sweetest little family. Where is that first photo taken? We live in WA state and it looks kind of familiar...although that could just be all the waters and trees screwing with my sense of direction (not that I have one...). Love your blog! New follower on bloglovin! -Andrea www.handandtheheart.com

  5. I don't think A could be any cuter in his little Halloween costume! Good grief, I love it! I am so glad you and C were able to get away before the babes come. We have decided that next Anniversary no matter how hard it is we are going to go away for at least a weekend! We will see though. I am so jealous of your cool weather clothes and those leaves!!!! To die for! XOXO


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