{Home Tour Friday} The Kitchen

I've never shared pictures of our kitchen before...
and since we repainted it last weekend, it's about time I did!

Our kitchen was remodeled before we bought our home in 2009, and aside from hardwoods, paint & new trim, hasn't been touched since. The cabinets aren't my favorite (if you follow me on Pinterest, you know I'm a white-kitchen girl), but they were seriously brand new when we moved it, so I feel like I can't paint them (yet).

A's "cheese" face, and the outlet with spackle on it. This was taken the day before we started painting. Just keeping it real ;)

Had to share one of my favorite IKEA purchases from a few weeks ago - these chair pads. So cute, and they are washable. For something to come in our home nowadays, that's pretty much a requirement.

Not long after we painted the living room & kitchen, I started to hate the paint color. It was too dark, and semi-gloss, and I couldn't stand the reflection the walls had. Fast forward 4 years, and my sweet hubby agreed to repaint before A's birthday party. Just waiting on some new artwork, but I'll be sharing the new kitchen, soon!

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