Baby Product Favorites: 12 - 18 months

Seeing how our little guy is about to be 20 months old, I thought we should share his "must haves" from 12-18 months!

1. Little Tykes Crazy Coupe
My in-laws gave this to A first his first birthday, and it was an instant hit. If we're playing outside, you will find him in this. Before he was old enough to know how to use his feet to get around, you'd find us (and my parents) taking him for a spin (x27) on our deck. And now that he can move around on his own? Weapon-du-jour to chase the dogs. This kid can't get enough!

2. Mega Blocks
Great, great toy. Big enough for little hands, and comes with a zipper tote for easy clean-up and travel. A adores when you build something for him (he'll even pass you the blocks). But what he really loves? Knocking down your masterpiece. Added bonus is that this is my favorite toy!

3. Jellycat Monkey
Santa brought this monkey last year on Christmas, and after a few obligatory pictures, the monkey sat in A's rocking chair, not to move for the next 7 months. One day, A asked me to take monkey off the chair, and he's been a mainstay in our living room ever since. Monkey eats at the table, watches videos and takes naps on a pillow. A loves playing "pretend" with monkey, and snuggling him as much as he can. 

4. Anatex Activity Cube
Again, another gift that Santa delivered last year. While A definitely played with this often from 9-12 months, he's loved it more now that he's older. I'm not sure why, but he loves to tip it on the side. This is a quality toy that will stand the test of time.

5. Baby Bjorn Smart Potty
Post for another day, but A started potty training himself at 18 months. I don't want to come off as that mom who thinks my kid is a genius for figuring this out on his own, or that I'm super-mom because he's peeing on the potty. I'm totally not (see previous posts where I mention my child doesn't sleep). Moving on... we love the potty because A loves the potty. End of story.

6. Munchkin Suction Bowls 
As our little guy started to feed himself, these bowls became a staple in our house. They help him by allowing him to focus on getting his food on his spoon, rather than having to hold the bowl. My only complaint is that they are not dishwasher-safe, but otherwise, we love them.

7. Children's Ibuprofen
A has always had a rough time with teething, but we thought the worst was behind us. A's 4 canine teeth were by far and away the worst when it came to pain, and Children's Ibuprofen helped us through some rough days & bleary nights.

8. iPad
When your kid hates the car, you'll do anything for silence. Definitely not my proudest mom-moment, but we now have peaceful car rides and a happy baby. It doesn't hurt that the iPad is also a toy for C, but you didn't hear that from me!

9. Thomas Electric Toothbrush
This is toothbrush #3, and the only one that feels substantial enough to tolerate the hands of a wild 18-month old. Bonus points for being train-themed, and that A is now excited when we tell him it is time to brush teeth.

10. Baby Bjorn Bibs
See #6, but these are definitely a must have if your child is beginning to feed themselves. Pocket is large, and catches everything that misses his mouth. And I love that it doesn't add to my pile of laundry - a quick wash in the sink and we're done. Doesn't get better than that!

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  1. Pinning this for O's first birthday list! I think I may need those bibs now though!! Thanks for sharing!!


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