Thanksgiving Mantle & Otto

Happy Friday!

Wanted to share some small changes we made to our "mantle", just in time for Thanksgiving. As soon as Halloween was over, I was itching to get all of our spooky-decor put away, and make way for some more fall decor.

If you look really closely you can see Otto hanging on the couch, looking out the window - his favorite past time. Otto turned 3 the day before Halloween (and in the middle of Hurricane Sandy), but still acts like a puppy most days. He has so much energy, and such a good heart. I'm so thankful for him, and all that he brings to our family.

I added a little turkey platter, from Home Goods, and a picture of A from last fall. He was 6 months old in that picture, and had just learned how to sit up. And now? He's getting time-outs for diving on the couch, trying to ride Otto, and for jumping off the stairs. Amazing what can change in a year!

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