Six Things

Can't believe it is Wednesday! I finally feel like I'm getting my footing back after the storm, and I'm so happy to have life back to normal.

1. With all the damage to the NJ Transit rails, I've been spending a lot of time in the car. The 80's on 8 XM channel has been my go-to, and I'm pretty sure most of my fellow commuters have seen me belting lyrics and dancing while I'm driving. Most days, I can't remember where I put my cell phone... but the lyrics to "Brass in Pocket"? Know every word.

2. My little guy has been on a little hitting streak. Ok, it's not little. At least, not with me. Every once in a while he will hit the dogs, or Craig, or my parents... but he seems to hit me more. And harder. When I'm least expecting it. Maybe he loves me the most?

3. This post by Erin yesterday was a perfect mix of funny & insightful. Just what I needed to read!

4. And this post by Kelly made me feel like I wasn't failing as a mom. I've never shied away from talking about A's sleep, and most days I feel pretty confident that I haven't screwed him up for life. It is hard to be the only mom whose kid doesn't sleep through the night! This is why I love blogging. That post renewed my mom-confidence, and it was everything I needed to hear. One woman, halfway across the country, has a baby with the same sleep issues as me? Well then, all is right in the world.

5. We made some impromptu changes in our master bedroom this weekend. And now, I have a giant blank wall, begging for some artwork. One more project, added to the list! Can't wait to share what I'm thinking.

6. I promised myself in the spring that I would be better about updating the pictures of A in our home. Fail. Giant fail. I still have his newborn pictures up and one from his 6-month shoot. Did I mention he just turned 19 months? 

And because I always love a post with pictures...

He looks so little in these! But that face - I can't stand the cuteness. I could eat him up...but then he'd probably hit me. Maybe I'll just stick to kisses :)

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  1. Oh, that face is to die for! Love it! Ornery or not, you can't deny that sweet smile! So glad life is getting back on track, I can't even imagine! Going to read the sleep post now, seeing that I don't have a great sleeper on my hands either! See, we're not alone!!


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