{Holiday Traditions} DIY Advent Calendar

I'm all about enjoying one holiday at a time, but some crafts need to be done early to have them in time for December. 

After feeling inspired by all the Advent Calendars I had seen online, I decided to try and make my own!

Large Frame
Spray Paint
Chicken Wire
Muslin Bags (from here)
Stencils (from here)
Mini Clothes Pins (from here)
Permanent Marker

It is pretty self explanatory how to make this with all the supplies listed above, so I won't go into great detail. The large frame was one that we had found from C's grandfather's house. After a light sanding and two coats of spray paint, it was the perfect red for a Christmas Advent Calendar.

We stapled the chicken wire to the back, pulling it as tight as it could go. To stencil the numbers on the muslin bags, I used a cardboard insert so that the permanent marker wouldn't bleed through to the other side. Craft paint would also work well, but permanent marker made the muslin bags look weathered & worn.

This year, I plan to put the name of the book we'll read that night in the bag (see this post for our Christmas Book tradition). As A grows, it will be fun to use this for small goodies & candy. One of my favorite memories of our childhood Advent Calendars was discovering the little chocolates hidden inside, so I plan to do the same for A!

I'd love to hear about the crafts you guys are working on for the holiday season!

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  1. What a great project! Turned out wonderful! I shared your Advent Book idea with the hubby and I think we might do the same. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love it! There is something so fun about advent calendars...the anticipation of something wonderful to come :) Ooh, I'm ready to break one out right now!

  3. What a great advent calendar! It's so stylish! Saw you over at Debbiedoo's and just started following!


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