{Bathroom Renovation} Progress Update

I mentioned yesterday that we're finally making progress on the bathroom. I couldn't be more excited! After 3.5 years of living with our current bathroom, we're ready for something clean and updated.

Here's my original inspiration board. Although we're still undecided on a wall color, and have changed our vision for the vanity, I think the bathroom will still end up looking pretty close to what you see below.

A few weeks ago, I also shared what I thought would eventually become the vanity. Here it is again. We're going to see this in person next week, just to make sure we love it. And if we do, it's coming home with us!


This weekend, we also purchased this bathroom mirror from Wisteria. I had saved this mirror long ago, always picturing it in our new bathroom. Wisteria was offering 20% off their entire site this weekend, so the price of the mirror was brought down to $80. Because it was an over sized piece, I had to pay $35 additional in shipping. But for $115, I think this mirror was a steal.


These are the two types of tile we're considering. Both are tumbled travertine, in Walnut. The difference is obviously the shape - the first one is 6"x6" square, and the second is 3"x6" subway. Originally we pictured the square on the floor in a staggered pattern, and the subway in the shower, also staggered.


After seeing some of these pictures on Pinterest, we're now thinking of maybe doing herringbone floors, and a traditional subway tile pattern in the shower.

It seems so real now!



  1. love, love, love, love, love the mirror and herringbone tile - amazing!

  2. I am loving that heringbone tile and your inspiration board. What a great way to see what things will look like.


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