{Bathroom Renovation} Progress Update #3

A few quick updates on the bathroom!

• Here's a sneak peek at the vanity. Yes... we painted it!

• We will temporarily be using the mirror from our downstairs bathroom, as we wait for this one to arrive. I won't type its ETA, because it's depressing to see that date in print.


• The tub and tile have been purchased, and a grout color has been picked. Picking out a grout color was a lot less glamorous than I thought it would be.

• I'm still having a hard time figuring out window treatments, and a rug. My new philosophy is that it's OK if I still have decisions to make in a few weeks. Not everything has to be "done", Columbus Day Weekend.

• Dear Mom: remind me of this post when I'm venting next week that I don't have everything for the bathroom, and that my mirror won't be here for another 4 months.

The vanity is being removed this weekend! Goodbye, ugly vanity.

I've started a mental countdown of how many "showers" I have left in this bathroom. Columbus Day Weekend, get here soon!

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  1. Such great progress! Love the paint you decided on for the vanity!


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