{Bathroom Renovation} Progress Update #2

I know, I know...another bathroom post!

I can't really think of anything else these days. I felt like we were in really good shape, but now that we're 3 weeks away from this renovation, I'm realizing we still have some big decisions to make.

Here's the latest design board - I would call it an inspiration board, but in reality, most of these items have already been purchased. Maybe a reality board is a more accurate name?

For some reason, the tile is reading very yellow/tan on this board. I've compared the sample to the vanity (which, is a light grey), and the tile is definitely more-white than yellow. Since it's travertine, there will be a lot of variation in the color, but I'm hoping the white & light tan undertones will be the most evident.

Shower Curtain: Thomas O'Brien for Target (I ordered mine on eBay, but the one shown above is from here)
Vanity: Martha Stewart for Home Depot, Seal Harbor Collection
Mirror: Wisteria Rustic Finish Oval Mirror
Lighting: Outdoor Lighting via Joss & Main

Here's our to-do list. Feel free to weigh in on some questions we're asking!

1) Decide on tile pattern
• do we only use the subway size? with herringbone on the floor and a traditional subway pattern in the shower?
or... do we change up the tile size by doing a bigger tile in the shower?

Just one thing to note: we have cathedral ceilings in our bathroom. So while this rendering above is very tile-heavy, there will actually only be 100 square feet of tile in the bathroom.  Our walls will not be tiled (obviously the shower being the exception to that!)

2) Pick a paint color
• I don't even know where to start... and this needs to be decided soon. We're painting in 2 weeks!

3) Buy sink fixtures
• I have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for, but now I have to find it!

4) Buy shower & tub fixtures
• This has been hard. We have a 3-handle tub system, which is a little rare these days. Rather than redo the plumbing, we're just looking for a fixture that will work. Fingers crossed that we find one we like!

5) Buy new hardware for vanity
• I'm hoping a trip to Hobby Lobby this weekend will take care of this item!

Now that we're in the home stretch, I'm questioning every decision I've made so far. I know I'm not alone in those feelings, especially since I've done that with every renovation in our home. One day, I'll share the funny store about how our hardwoods came to be :)

So, readers... anyone want to share their opinion on our tile pattern or possible paint colors? I'd love the input!

Happy Wednesday!

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