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The moment I saw that my pregnancy test was positive, I was overcome with emotion. Shock, mostly. Then fear. Then joy. That very moment, I knew I was a mom, with a little miracle growing inside me.

There are so many things I was looking forward to: our first doctors appointment, hearing the baby's heartbeat and talking about names with my husband. I was also so SO excited to design a nursery, and went to work on inspiration boards not long after we were in the 'safe' zone. I had saved my favorites over the last year, hoping sometime in the near future I would need to reference them again. I poured through picture after picture, trying to find what I loved, but also what fit in our budget.

Much to our family & friends dismay, we decided to keep the baby's gender a surprise until delivery. For us, this was an easy decision. I thought it would be fun to wait and hear "it's a boy!" or "it's a girl" in the delivery room, but it did make the nursery decisions a little harder than I anticipated. I knew that I wanted our nursery furniture to last throughout all of our children, and that I would want to reuse anything that we invested in (bedding, window treatments, etc).

I'm not a girlie girl - I was raised a tomboy, playing ice hockey with the boys from the time I was 7. I was never really into pink or anything frilly, and almost always wore my hair in a ponytail. Blue is my favorite color, and I knew regardless of gender, I wanted a blue nursery. I decided to go with a blue/grey base, knowing I could add navy & green if our baby was a boy, and add coral or yellow for a girl.

Here are the 2 inspiration boards that I designed as a starting point for the nursery. Looking back at these, I can't help but smile. I remember the anticipation when I made them - knowing that I was making decisions for this little baby of mine. I also knew that this was a space my husband and I would be spending a lot of time in, too, and wanted it to be a peaceful, relaxing space we could all enjoy.

Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Girl Nursery

I'll be back next week sharing how we turned these inspiration boards into a reality!

Happy Weekend!

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