My Favorite Things Series: Baby Mama Sew Shop

Happy Tuesday! I had such a nice long weekend, and loved being off yesterday. I was able to devote some time to work yesterday morning – in peace and quiet – thanks to my very gracious parents, and then was able to bring my oldest to hockey practice (something I don’t get to do often as a working mom). So when he told me last night that he was “so happy I could bring him to hockey and he had so much fun with me being there”, I just about died.

I'm planning a post to share some great tools I use to stay organized, but had to share this one for all of you fellow planner lovers. Every year, without fail, I start January off with my pristine new planner and I tell myself that I’m going to be super careful with it. No carrying my lunch, or a bottle of water or a sippy cup in my bag, because I don’t want anything to spill on it. But all of that is completely unrealistic, and usually by March or April, I’ve spilled coffee or apple juice in my purse, and my planner pages get all grimy, and then for the rest of the year I get a little annoyed every time I open my planner. I know there are more people like me out there – that love something to look new for more than 15 minutes.

In December, I searched high and low for a perfect sized tote that would allow me to keep my planner safe in my bag, and was also cute. And? I came up empty handed. Nada. And then I remembered the Baby Mama Sew Shop from a giveway we had both participated in, and I reached out to her to see if she could make something custom for me. A few conversations back and forth about size and fabrics, this adorable little tote was at my door the following week.

Navy and white twill stripes, a coral pink bottom, and a tiny gold dot interior. I adore it! And, it also happens to match my brand. Win-win.

I’m able to keep my planner and my notebook all in one spot, free from animal crackers and puffs and sticky baby fingers. Some people may think it is ludicrous to protect a planner in this way, but for me – for my family – my planner keeps us organized and helps us make room for the things that matter most. Those pages are filled with birthdays and vacations, preschool events and family gatherings, doctors appointments, bill reminders and all the things its takes to run a household of five. The things written on those pages are what make up our life, and its important to me that I keep them safe.

It should go without saying but I'll say it anyway, I was in no way compensated for this post, and purchased this product on my own. My review expresses my honest opinion, and is only shared so that other readers can benefit from a product I find useful! 

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  1. So cute!!!! I already had a pen leak on, like, 3 months of my planner at the top! I can never keep it clean...maybe I need to find a good bag like you!! :) xo


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