Favorite Holiday Cards from 2014

Oh, Christmas week, how I love you. I hope all of you (or most of you) are reading this from the couch, in your jammies, getting ready to enjoy the holidays with your families! Today was my last day of work, and now I’m off for a week to celebrate the holidays and love on my babies!

This season has been so incredible for my business – we’ve grown so much since September, and have gotten to work with the sweetest clients. I’m so excited for new things to come in 2015, but I’m having a hard time looking forward to the new year. In many ways, I’m just not ready to bring 2014 to a close. We just wrapped up one of our last Holiday Cards for the season, and in doing so, realized how so many of this year’s cards have been special to me. Here are some of my favorite cards from 2014!

This card, for some reason, sticks out as my favorite. Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic for my little babies (that are about to turn one in February!), or the idea of having a sweet little newborn as the best Christmas gift a couple could ever imagine. Either way, I just love that someone chose this design to announce their daughter’s arrival.

Lots of friends & family members in this group! I adore all of these, and the Insta-Christmas card on the bottom left was by far and away our most popular design this year. It makes me want to come up with new and more creative ways to use Instagram pictures next year, since so many clients saw this as an opportunity to showcase their ‘real life’.

And 4 more that I also love – two baby announcements, and two sets of adorable little girls! I’ve mentioned it before, but I really do love the challenge of new designs, and you our very first Thankful card definitely made a mark this year. I’m already dreaming up some new designs to offer for next Thanksgiving!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for one last post before I sign off for the holidays!

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  1. You are so, so talented, my friend!! Thank you for always making our cards exactly what we envisioned!! Merry Christmas to ALL of you!! xoxo


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