We've been busy bees around here, trying to make room for our two little boys arriving in January.

Every weekend, another room, or closet or cabinet gets cleaned out ... all to make way for the influx of baby paraphernalia that will soon take over our home.

We never expected to have 3 children in this house...
... or to have 2 at one time! And I know that in order to keep my sanity when they both come home, our home needs order, and everything needs to have a place.

So the last few weeks have been about simplifying, and getting rid of the clutter.

We've had to create a new coat closet, since our guest room closet will now be the twins' closet.
We've had to make room for all of my supplies for Bella Carta, since they used to reside in the guest room.
We've had to clean out every kitchen cabinet to make way for all the bottles, bowls, and bibs.... times TWO.
We've had to clean out & organize all the toys, so that we have space to bring the baby toys back out...
and we've had to find space in order to fit two swings, two rock n' plays, and two more high chairs.

I'll share more about all the changes we've made (and I promise the house doesn't look like this anymore!). It has felt SO great to bring huge donations to Goodwill, sell some stuff on Craigslist & eBay, and throw away the rest.


  1. I love having a reason to purge, but I am sure it's wearing you out! Take it easy, lady! I can't wait to see the finished product. :) (PS Good luck with baby gear x2...I can't even imagine!)

  2. Girl, you inspire me! You have been so busy and I can't even imagine all you've done. I can't wait to see all the projects you have been accomplishing.

  3. You are inspiring me to get on the nesting! We have a baby girl due in January and I haven't done a thing yet to get ready for her arrival!


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