Boys Nursery Inspiration

Just a quick post to share what we're planning for the twins nursery...

... a place where I'll be spending many late nights, and early mornings. I know it sounds crazy, especially considering A only started sleeping through the night in February... but I'm so looking forward to snuggling my boys in their chair in the quiet of the night.

I was looking to create  something slightly different than A's nursery: a bit more rustic & whimsical. The twins room is tiny: 10' by 9.5' tiny, to be exact. Maximizing our space was a top priority, and if the plans work out like I have them in my head, the room will be all I imagined that it could be.

I'll be back to share progress & our purchases!


  1. I love this look!! I LOVE the moose head and the horseshoe and the lights and everything!! Great job, momma!! You will be spending a lot of time in there, so you might as well be comfy. ;)

  2. Love it all! I seriously can't wait to see it all come together, I know it is going to look so so good and be the perfect space for those two baby boys!


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