Praying for Boston

I was all ready to post about A's birthday party, but right now, it seems so inconsequential.

Another tragedy, today in Boston, and I'm moved to tears. I was so relieved to hear that my friends in Boston were all safe, especially those that ran, and their families that were waiting for them. I'm praying for all the victims and their families, and especially for the little children fighting for their lives tonight.

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A is all about daddy these days. Only daddy can put him to bed, or snuggle after bath... and daddy gets all the hugs & kisses. I know its a phase, but it breaks my heart a little bit. Today A fell asleep on the couch (side effect of a little cold), and so I carried his sleepy body upstairs and snuggled with him as the tears fell on his face. I want to soak up all of him, bottle him up and keep him innocent. Keep him safe.

Sometimes I feel like my prayers aren't enough, so I offer up sacrifices... and they're always the same. Take me. Always take me before him. I know I'm not the only momma who prays these things, but on a night like tonight, I feel like it is all that I have.

You are in our hearts, Boston.

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